Monday 14 May 2012

Viruses and fat thumbs.

No posts for a few days and no pics for a few more :-( My laptop caught a virus. An unsuspecting email from usps, I have been waiting for three bags( parcels) of goodies from the states and thought it was an update email required the tracking. Unfortunately when I opened the attachment my computer did silly things and died. All I have to get online until I get the laptop back is my phone and my blackberry playbook. Tiny touch screens and fat man fingers do not mix. Sorry Terry from Simon says stamp and show, I was reading your comment and instead of replying I hit remove content. Oops. How to win friends and influence people,(I don't think) Anyway. Enough grinching. I have just had a great few hours over with Neil walker at neelz expressionz, Sorry no link. Playbook won't let me, talking all things Tim Holtz and ranger as he has just got back from ranger u. Go check his Blog for the trip details and what he has been up to. It looked full on and fantastic, the techniques and tags he has made are great. Lastly Saturday evening was spent at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter word. What a great 3 hours spent. If you like steampunk you won't be disappointed,there are hundreds of props,sets,diagrams etc from the movies and it's a real visual treat. Lots of ideas gained. I will post a few pics when laptop is back. Sorry for the dull rant but it's all I can do for now. Happy crafting. Mark


  1. ...oh Mark what a nightmare for you & it's awful waiting for repairs as time just isn't your friend...nice you got to spend time with Neil his blog is full of amazing treats & treasures all so inspirational...& wow the Harry Potter Set! it looks amazing from whats been shown on the tv, oh to be a designer on that set, dream job me thinks!...keep smiling Mark jsut be careful if in doubt don't open...Mel :)
    Thanks for dropping by me I appreciate it :)

  2. Nothing dull about the rant Mark. Glad you enjoyed the visit; it was good to catch up and maybe next time we'll actually get some crafting done!

  3. sorry, i'm only now replying, it's been a long week...
    many thanks for dropping by and leaving a note last WOYWW - it's much appreciated :)
    and sorry for your poorly laptop - i simply can't use touch screens...

    1. Hi Mark - thanks for the gardening tip about the clematis, I usually prune in early Spring so deffo not something I'll do in future.

      Perhaps you can be the snippets playground gardener? :)

      I almost got caught by a similar email to you, and was also waiting for a delivery but I run Ubuntu here so got away with it. Can't the evil little monsters find something better to do than write viruses?! Grrrrr.

      Lucky you catching up with Neil - I peeked at his Ranger adventures and it all looks fabulous stuff. I do wonder what he ditched in order to fit everything into his case for the flight home :)