Monday 29 April 2013

Haunted Design House - Steven King challenge

 Happy Monday folks, How is everyone keeping?
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Today we start our new challenge over at Haunted Design House the theme being the Legend that is Stephen King, Now we do not mind what aspect of Stephen Kings career you focus on, His comic books, novels or movies, we want to see it all.
  I decided to go with one of his films, (also a Book) the one that scared the crap out of me as a kid and is probably the cause of a nation wide general fear of Clowns, thank you Stephen ;)
 Ive made another page for my little book of dark arts, a posh way of saying fat page.
I started by painting the page of the book with acrylic paints by Deco Art, mainly white but mixing in some subtle greens, Juniper and mint I think also a little bit of fawn, I mixed the colours on the page so they would blend together.I then flicked some red paint across the surface so it looks like some blood splatter.
 I then sourced the internet for a good picture of Pennywise and ran it through Photoscape to turn it into a threshold image (pure black an white, no grey) you can adjust the amount of black to white in the program.
 When I was happy with it I printed it out to the right size and then used a some Transfer paper from Deco Art (it's basically a carbon paper) You trace around the image and it leaves the marks on your painted surface.Once I had gone round the whole image, I painted the black parts black and Pennywise comes to life.To finish off I just painted the 'IT' in free hand. This technique was shown to me on an Andy Skinner live workshop.
 Head on over to Haunted Design House to see what else the awesome DT have created and remember to check back next Monday to see some more inspiration from the rest of the team.
As always we would love to see you join us by getting your freak on ;)

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  1. Hi Mark, that's a great technique you used to create the clown and he looks amazing! Must admit, I do love a really scary movie......and Stephen King's are some of the best. Anne x

  2. Haha! Great to see this technique here Mark! I've been playing with it too - a picture of my daughter - but it's not finished yet.
    That is one very scary face and I too hate clowns because of watching probably the same film. It's a great piece though.
    See you Sunday - make sure you're on your best behaviour please. . . . .

  3. Aaaagh - yup, terrifying! I don't know that I've ever seen the film, so not sure I can blame my clown-phobia on that... brilliant work, but I now need to go do something else before I go to bed!
    Alison x

  4. Excellent page! Love the stencilled Pennywise effect. It's made him even creepier lol. I was a huge Stephen King fan when I was younger. I don't recall feeling scared by his books but he certainly told a page-turner of a story. The Stand was my favourite. It was the TV series of Salem's Lot that had us all talking at school though. Now that did make me jump lol. Pxx

  5. Now that is creepy, cannot stand clowns they creep me out! But what I saw looked great! Hugs trace x

  6. Hoooo....Stephen King's "It" was the only scary book I ever read with having to leave the light on after reading at night. Your clown is as creepy as it can be... awesome!

    Claudia x

  7. Well this scares the Hell out of me, for sure! So did the book and the movie. Clowns....EEEKKK!!!!!!! xxD

  8. A very posh way of describing a very posh piece of art. Looks fab. We recently watched IT and it so wasn't scary like when I was a kid haha. x

  9. what you've created here Mark, your image has that sinister quality that oozes Stephen King's creepiness and holds your goosebumps a little to long...great homage to a master writer who managed to haunt the corridors of your mind long after you'd finished the book!...great work...Melxx :)
    I read many of his books but not this one, watching the exorcist, alas, put paid to anything scary from that point onwards for me!!

  10. Fantastic page! Definitely a creepy clown! So many of his books were scary to me, but Cujo was the big one for me! When I read this, we lived out in the country and had two large dogs, guess it was something I considered quite real!

  11. Sah-weet! Fabulous technique! I wanna try!!!

  12. ah, IT wasn't that just sooo creepy!?! My kids loved it! No I said, you can't watch that! well... I don't think they got all the way through it! Nice scary page!

  13. The eyebrows and smile say it all, they all do like it down there and for some crazy reason so do we! Wonderful Pennywise.