Monday 29 October 2012

Haunted Design House, Hammer Horror

 Well another week has rushed past and I have no idea where all the time is going at the moment.SO sorry if I have not been leaving as many comments as usual but I am getting around to see all your works.
 Anyway on to this weeks challenge at Haunted Design House, the theme this week is 'Hammer House Of Horror'.  We want to see all your Hammer Horror inspired pieces of art. They have produced so many films over the years with legendary actors like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee and they are still going strong today making movies like 'Let me in' and 'Lady in black'
Why not head over and have a peak at what the DT have been inspired to make and then jump in and have a play.This is the last main challenge before the DT takes a little break so don't miss out on all the fun ;)
 My project this week is still a work in progress, so consider this post part one so to speak, I will be posting the rest later in the week.
 I started off with one of those secret draw wooden books, it gives you a nice canvas to work off of and scope for several ideas. I started with the spine of the book (the draw) I wanted to make this look like an old leather bound journal, I used some string and modelling paste to get the texture and used one of Andy Skinners Time Worn acrylic paint techniques to get the colour I was after, I am quite pleased with how this has turned out so far, I have a few ideas on how to add to it, Hopefully they will work and you will be able to see it later in the week.
For the main image I trolled through the internet to find a suitable image that would work for what was in mind, I found this great image of Peter Cushing and printed it off so I could do an image transfer.
The background/front cover of the book was painted with an acrylic paint base of white and then the colour was added in places, I tried to add colour so the red and blue would be outside the main image and shades of cream and green would give some colour to Peter. These dabs of colour have been applied rather hap hazard to give a rough feel rather than pristine painting. They were then painted over with another coat of white and when dry sanded back to reveal the distressed back ground.When it was all dry I could add my image, So far so good, I am really happy with how he looks on the front cover.

The Cross was added, It was made from one of those wooden coffee stirrers you get at places like costa coffee etc. It was cut and glued, painted with acrylic paint and then wrapped with wire, the little bat charm is from the bead shop in Brighton and again he was just stuck down on top of the cross.
 So far so good, lets hope I do not ruin it with part two. ;)

Thanks as always for stopping by, and again so sorry for not being as active in blog land as I want to be, life is getting in the way at the mo as am currently house hunting and sorting all the faff you need that goes along with it.

Hopefully I will see you over at Haunted Design House and latter in the week for part two. x


  1. What a great job so far Mark. Love the addition of the red and blue in the background as it really lifts the whole thing. Hugs, Buttons x

  2. Looking good so far Mark. I think that image transfer looks really cool. Look forward to seeing part 2. Life does get in the way sometimes doesn't it! Sorry I missed you on Sunday. Perhaps I'll see you at the Craft Barn minifest on Saturday? (I'm not doing anything Christmassy, promise!)

  3. Love this! Can't wait to see the next step!

  4. Stop showing off!! House hunting and still can produce quality pieces. Looks immense and the image transfer thing worked so very darn much. Good luck with the house hunting, always a stressful time.


  5. Wow, superb art Mark. As a fan of Horror films, esp the Hammers, I love this piece. The cross made from wire and coffee stirrers is inspired. Good luck with the house hunting :) Px

  6. Looking amazing so far... the leather spine is brilliant, and the image transfer and those delicately sickly colours get a big WOW! On the stamps you were admiring... I think you and Dr Coffin would get on very well!
    Alison x

  7. ...looking fabulous so far Mark, the spine of the book is awesome, Andy's techniques are full of texture which you create with great depth, loVe the image and eerie colours on the cover too, the cross adds to the whole chilling atmosphere...superb as always, bring on part 2...Melxx :)

  8. Love it....especially the coffee stirrer cross!

  9. Hi Mark, this really blows me way. Vampires are a part of my life since I did a seminar paper on Vampires in literature and movies, esp. the Hammer movies, more than 20 years ago :-) The image transfer is fabulous, the colors perfect and the whole work is an awesome piece of art. I can't wait to see what you're planning next with the book.
    Hugs, Suzanne x

  10. This is looking good Mark, I love the spine and the great image transfer - looking forward the seeing part 2.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. I agree. Time is on super speed....and i have so much work, too. Nice to see your creative flow. I love your cross and the book looks really good so far. I think we both are the real timeworners and lifetime addicted (:o)

  12. Wow! This is amazing! I can't wait to see how you finish this piece. =)

  13. This is such a great looking piece, Mark! Very cool.

  14. Wow lovely your work these day, but where is your Outcasts stuff!

  15. I love the cross! Wow what a great idea!
    Good luck with the house hunting!
    My houseis like a bomb site with builders and floorers everywhere so I appreciate your lack of time!!! Trace x