Monday 27 August 2012

Haunted Design House Challenge.......'Bad Moon Rising'

 Its that time of the week again.This weeks challenge over at Haunted Design House is 'Bad Moon Rising'
and I hope you will come and check us out let lose your dark sides and have a play in our dungeon ;)
We are sponsored this week by On Cupcake Moon
They do all sorts of custom Invites/cards toppers etc, Definitely worth checking out, They are also giving away $15 of store credit to the winner.
There is something there for everyone.
 Basically the challenge is to include a moon and not make it look to cute ;)
 After 2 weeks of using Copics it was nice to step away and create something a little bit different.      When thinking about Moons my mind jumps to werewolf's (obviously).
I thought it would be cool to change up a simple wooden box and turn it into my werewolf kit.I have some silver bullets, werewolf teeth, a little bottle of Wolfs Bane, on the inside I also have a pic of a werewolf and you can just make out some hair straight from the beast.
Oh and of course I stuck a great big full moon on top of the box.

To make the moon I drew a circle and used Deco Art's crackle paste, this was then stained with blue distress inks and then dry brushed with cream and white acrylic paints, building the colour up as I went along. The main box was coated in Deco Art's texture paint and painted first with a dark brown ( I was going to go for a rusty finish at first, but it looked poo) I then went over with a deep blue and dry brushed with the same blue mixed with white so it bought out all the texture, there are probably 3 or 4 different shades of the blue on there, I kind of mixed as I went.On the front of the box I added a cut down Tando book plate, gave this a rusty finish with distress stains and distress embossing powders, added the word 'Lycanthrope' which is another word for werewolf, also it helps break the blue.
The mini Tim bottle was painted with an Andy Skinner Technique from the elixir workshop.The teeth were also done using an Andy technique, they are a couple of teeth bought in one of those Hippy native american type shops and a funky shaped stone, they were all a bleached white colour to start with.
The bullets I picked up at an army surplus store, all I needed to so with them was paint the bullet part with silver alcohol ink.
Inside the lid I added a pic from the internet, I distressed it with distress ink pads and added a paper clip with some stained string to make it look like fur.

Thanks for stopping by, Hopefully I'll see some of you over at Haunted Design House
Holidays are over now so I shall be getting back into the swing of things and shall be visiting more blogs and making more pieces
Happy crafting and see you soon,    Mark


  1. Seems to be the perfect moonrising-kit for me, Mark!

    Love it!!!

    Greetings from Vienna,

    die amelie

  2. Absolutely phenomenal. LOVING the little handwritten tag at the front lycanthrope. Too cool for words, seriously ADORE this. x

  3. Hi Mark, your box is amazing....I love the blue, much nicer than poo any day. The inside is kitted out perfectly, love how did that bottle of Wolf's bane, really must check out Andy's courses. Great withered looking moon too, just right for the werewolf, just hope it doesn't attract any......... Anne :)

  4. ...loVely work Mark, the size of this box seems to be perfect for such a life saving kit, I adore the elixir bottle & the full deep fissured moon, the texture & colour of the box is superb & the wolf image and lock of hair adds to the mythical fantasy...great theme to get the creative juices flowing...Melx :)

  5. Ooooh! This is lovely! I didn't realize from the photos I saw that it was a box filled with those awesome contents! Really marvelous job here, Mark! The Dungeon is pleased...

  6. Very cool! I like the idea of a werewolf kit. I'm glad you got rid of the poo and made it blue (wow - that rhymes)!

    One of my favorite shows on t.v. is "Grimm." Don't know if you have it in the U.K.


  7. an amazing box, the bottle is wonderful in texture and colour and love the textured moon..another fab make! trace x

  8. Oh this it too damn cool. Fabulous crusty moon and paint effect on the casket. The kit inside is awesome. Brilliant idea Mark .... LUV this :-) xxxx

  9. Cool box and i love the transformation of the little bottle.My mojo is more than less this week. Too much to prepare on work for my three weeks holidays, starting next week.

  10. Very cool - fabulous grungy textures... that moon on the lid is amazing, as is the texture and depth of colour on the box. Love the image and bits and pieces on the inside too...
    Alison x

  11. Mark, this box is very cool. I love all of the texture on this. That crackled moon is perfect for the top of your box. Love the wolf's bone bottle. Very creepy and cool. :) I also love the blue color of your box...I would not have thought to use a bright color like that but I love it! <3 Candy

  12. Fantastic piece Mark! Love the effect on the book plate and the moon is fab! The little touches such as the silver tipped bullets, the teeth and the altered bottle take it to another level. I don't always get round to comments straight away but I will get there eventually!

  13. This is so great, Mark! I love all the details, the teeth, the bullets, the little bit of hair. Fantatic!

  14. Absolutely fabulous!! love what you do with bits of wood :D xxx

  15. So did this belong to your Grandfather too? LOL! I love how your mind works - this is wonderful and sooo fun! I like all the details you have in the box as well as the box! Great job!

  16. Sorry I'm so late, Mark. I'm telling you, we're sooo lucky to have you as a Minion. Your work is beyond fabulous and this is no exception. Brilliant! xxD