Monday 18 July 2016

Decoart Media Blog - Under The Sea CHallenge

Afternoon, I hope all is well in your corner of the world ;)
Now if you have been following the Dcoart Media Blog the last week or so you will have noticed we have a new challenge going on. The theme this time is 'Under The Sea'.
You have till the 12th August to enter and we want to see your interpretation of our theme xx.

 My DT make for the Challenge is a little seascape canvas.

Materials List:

Decoart Media Fluids; Hansa Yellow Medium, Primary Magenta, Cobalt Teal Hue, Prussian Blue Hue, Carbon Black.
Decoart Media Tinting Base.
Decoart Media Gesso.
Decoart Media Texture Sand.
Decoart Media Satin Varnish.
Decoart Decoupage Matte Glue.
Tissue Paper, Various Embellishments Beads, charms etc, The stamp is from Graphic 45. Canvas and Paint brushes.

Use a pallet knife and apply some modelling paste to the canvas, apply a thicker layer where you want to add embellishments, Push the embellishments into the wet modeling paste and leave to dry naturally.
I have left an area fairly smooth and large enough for the stamp I am using in the centre of my canvas.

Add a thinned down coat of Gesso and work it into all the awkward spots, add a little texture paste to areas of the canvas to build up the texture. Leave to dry and add a coat of the tinting base to leave a nice clean and even base to work on.

Starting with the Hansa Yellow then the Primary Magenta start blending and applying the colour, leave to dry and then add the Cobalt Teal Hue.These colours are on the transparent side and just painting over other colours is a great way to blend and add more colours whilst using a limited pallet. To build up the Teal colour I stippled the paint on quite thick in places, the thinner areas give you the more purple hues when you paint over the Magenta and some nice greens over the Yellow.

I stamped my design using Black Stazon Ink onto the tissue paper.

Making the wash, Add a small amount of paint to your craft sheet and add some clean water, the Media fluids are pretty much pure pigment and an acrylic base, no fillers so a little goes a long way and the colour intensity remains strong  even when watered down.

Carefully cut or tear around the image and glue down using the Decoupage glue.
Make a wash using the Prussian Blue and using a mop brush (these hold lots of water and make adding washes a lot easier) dab the wsh around the edge over the Cobalt Teal, be careful not to have the wash encroach to much onto the brighter areas. If needs be mop up the excess with some kitchen roll.

The wash once dry sits in all the low spots and provides the darkest colour, I used some Dry Brushing to pic out all the raised areas.
I wanted to use the Hansa Yellow as my highlight colour, as this is a transparent colour and lighter all it would do is turn the blue a shade of green, to keep the yellow cleen first dry brush with the tinting base.
Build up the white gradually, its better to go over the area several times rather than trying to do it all in one go.
When dry brushing, add a little paint to the brush and then wipe most of it off onto a rag or kitchen towel. Gently flick just the tip of the bristles across the surface of the raised areas. I used a softish 3/4 inch brush for this canvas as I wanted a softer look to the dry brushing,

The dry brushing was repeated with the Hansa Yellow and once dry the sides of the canvas were painted Black and all was given a coat of Satin Varnish.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the canvas xx
Remember you have till the 12th of August to enter.
To Enter you can follow the LINK



  1. Brilliant image and embellishing and the colours are stunning.
    Alison x

  2. I am so inspired right now!!! Love it!!

  3. This is fab Mark, love those bright colours and texture :) xx

  4. Oh wow Mark - I'm awed. Just incredible. j.

  5. Love this.
    Wish it was at my house.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks so neat
    and lots of
    Carla from Utah

  7. Love this , that image looks great and the wash really made the page !

  8. Breathtaking canvas!!! Just love the depth of colors you achieved.