Wednesday 28 October 2015

Time Waits For No Man - De Stempelwinkel 6x6 Canvas

Thanks for stopping by this morning. Today I am sharing my De Stempelwinkel make as part of the 31 Days Of Halloween Blog Hop. I have painted a wooden canvas using Decoart Media Fluids and Misters, Stencils from Artist Cellar and Andy Skinners limited edition Grim Reaper by Tando-Creative.
The Stamps are of course from De Stempelwinkel.
You can find the full project on the De Stempelwinkel Blog it wuld be great to see you over there.

Simon Says Stamp are having a throw back challenge where you can pick any past challenge theme for your entry.
Like their dt member Andrea I have also gone for the Spooky Halloween theme from 2013.

Friday 23 October 2015

Tutorial - Heart From My Sacred Heart Shrine

Materials list:
All the paints and mediums are from the Decoart Media Line.
Pallet knife
1 inch flat brush
wooden heart
Thanks for stopping by, As promised in my Sacred Heart Shrine post at the beginning of the month here is a quick tutorial on how I made the heart for our Halloween challenge.
Grab your wooden heart and give it a coat of Gesso
Modelling paste was applied with a pallet knife and the surface was slapped with the flat of the pallet knife and pulled away vertically, this draws the modelling paste up to form the texture, you will be left with lots of peaks, a little like the surface of an artex  ceiling.

Once dry give the heart a coat of tinting base to get a nice undercoat and then a couple of coats of Pyrol Red making sure you work the paint into all the furrows and low spots.
A wash of Carbon black was added.
When I work using washes on a small piece I add a small blob of fluid acrylic to my craft mat and spritz it with a water bottle to thin it down. If you apply the wash and its not thin enough just take your spritz bottle and give the piece a little spray, this will thin down any paint that is sitting heavy.

Heart after the first wash is dry.

Some dry brushing with the tinting base.
I normally use a stiff bristled brush for my dry brushing to get a nice crisp look but I wanted a more gentle look so used a normal 1 inch flat soft brush.
Use a tiny amount of paint and then wipe most of onto a kitchen towel or cloth and gently using just the tip of the brush flick over the raised area, its important most of the paint is off the brush and you work gently, there is nothing worse than getting to this stage and having to much paint on your brush or applying to much pressure and leaving a big mark of paint across your piece. It's much better to go over the piece several times building up the effect than trying to do it in one go.
At this point I decided my heart was not dark enough and was just too red.
I wanted to get a little more variation in my colour so I added a couple of sprays of the Yellow Media Mister and added another heavier black wash.

I didn't want my hi lights to just be white and as the hansa yellow is a transparent paint it needs a base of white underneath other wise it will not be visible/turn things orange.
The heart was finished with a couple of coats of sating varnish to give a nice wet look and make the colours pop.
Some hand made barb wire was added to the heart and then it was added to my Sacred Heart Shrine.

There is still a week left to enter the Decoart Media Blog Halloween Challenge and it would be awesome to see you joining in, all you need to do is use some Decoart Media Products in your work, just tell us what you are using in your blog post xx.

Thursday 22 October 2015

Decoart Media Misters Gothic Tags - De Stempelwinkel

Thanks for stopping by today. Here is a sneak peak of my make on the De Stempelwinkel blog, it's my last post for the 31 Days of Halloween Blog Hop and I have had great fun making my Halloween posts.
I have used Tando-Creative media boards and Decoart Media Misters for my bas and stamps from De Stempelwinkel.
If you have time it would be great to see you over there xx.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

New Mixed Media ATC class using Decoart Media Products.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm finally sharing my new mixed media Atc class in full. Over the last few weeks I have been working on some new ideas to make Atc's a little different.
In the class we will be making the newly designed Atc storage crate and a handful of Atc's to get your collection started ;) Made by That's Crafty.
The Storage crate is laser cut from mdf.
We will be playing with lots of different Decoart Media Products from the media fluids, crackle paste and glazes through to the texture paste and antiquing creams.
We will also be playing with mdf and acrylic Atc's and stacking them to create lots of depth and dimension.
All the stamps on this Atc are from Carabelle-studio. They are a French stamp company and they offer lots of stamps that are just that little bit different and are available in the UK from That's Crafty.

This class will first be run at That's Crafty on the 7th November, you can contact Laura for availability.
I'm also running this class as one of my days on the 19th/20th March 2016 at Papercuts in Tyne and Wear, you can contact Jo or Shirley for dates and details.
If you want any more info or to book classes please feel free to contact me at
or contact me on facebook.
Thanks for stopping by and Hopefully I may see some of you there ;) xx.

Friday 16 October 2015

Vampire Stacking ATC - De Stempelwinkel 31 Days Of Halloween

Morning all. I'm over on the De Stempelwinkel blog today and I am still playing with the idea of stacking ATC's.
I shall be working on a more Steampunk style ATC for my new Mixed Media ATC class.
We are now halfway through our 31 days of Halloween blog hop, all the details can be found on the De Stempelwinkel Blog,
Thanks for stopping by xx

Friday 9 October 2015

When 3 Become 1 an Experiment With Multi Layering An Atc

Morning all, I'm over on the De Stempelwinkel blog today and it's day 9 of the 31 Days Of Halloween Blog hop.
I am playing around with ideas at the moment for a new class I am putting together based around Mixed Media Atc's.
This is my first play with multi layering some acrylic Atc's.
You can see more of what I did over on the De Stempelwinkel Blog x.
I have used Atc's from That's Crafty. Decoart Media Fluids and Misters and stamps from De Stempelwinkel.
Although I have not quite captured it in the photo I am loving the depth created and learnt a lot from making this Atc.
Stay tuned for more ;)
Thanks for stopping by. xx

Thursday 1 October 2015

Decoart Media DT Halloween Challenge Sacred Heart Shrine


Morning all. Something a little different today. Over on the Decoart Media DT we are planning something a little special for the month of October. Starting today we are running a Halloween themed mixed media challenge.With some great prizes up for grabs at the end of the month.

Be warned, Picture heavy post ;)
I'm also working on a tutorial for how I made the Heart. (stay tuned)
Head over to the Decoart Media Blog for all the details and keep checking back as we share more makes throughout the month xx

All the paint and mediums are from the Decoart Media Line. I have used the Art Room Blank from Tando-Creative for my Sacred Heart Shrine. The Mystical Eye is from Spellbinders.
I have also used a couple of Skeletons from the Games Workshop, a wooden heart, Tim Holtz rub On's and some fuse wire.

The Box was given a coat of Decoarts Gesso and then a fairly thick but slightly unevenly applied coat of Crackle Paste was applied with a pallet knife and left over night to do it's thing.
Once dry it was painted with Carbon Black and dry brushed with Medium Grey Value 6 to bring out the details. The whole piece was then coated with Black Antiquing and wiped back when dry. This really brings out the cracks and added a nice dark shading.
The Spellbinders charm was first given a coat of Gesso and a rust treatment using Decoart Media Fluids. The inside of the charm and the Shrine were painted with Titanium Buff and then washes of Prussian Blue Hue were added to give a swirly look. Finished with a Rub on and a coat of Satin Varnish.

I have used modelling paste to develop texture on my wooden heart and then painted with Decoart Media Fluids.
Ill be sharing a more detailed step by step for the Heart later in the month.

The skeletons are from the Games workshop and after a thin base coat of gesso they were painted with a base of Titanium Buff and then given washes of Quinacridone Gold and Carbon Black, the details on the spear and shield were painted with Raw Umber and Silver.

I used some Tim Holtz Rub on's to add some extra detail, rub on's are great for working on a texured surface where stamping can be problematic.

A little stenciling was added with some Titanium Buff to add to the ancient ruins look.

The Barb wire was made using fuse wire and bent to shape.

Thanks as always for stopping by. It would be great to see you joining us over on the Decoart DT Blog for the challenge, it will be running till just before Halloween and the winner announced on the 31st.