Friday 23 October 2015

Tutorial - Heart From My Sacred Heart Shrine

Materials list:
All the paints and mediums are from the Decoart Media Line.
Pallet knife
1 inch flat brush
wooden heart
Thanks for stopping by, As promised in my Sacred Heart Shrine post at the beginning of the month here is a quick tutorial on how I made the heart for our Halloween challenge.
Grab your wooden heart and give it a coat of Gesso
Modelling paste was applied with a pallet knife and the surface was slapped with the flat of the pallet knife and pulled away vertically, this draws the modelling paste up to form the texture, you will be left with lots of peaks, a little like the surface of an artex  ceiling.

Once dry give the heart a coat of tinting base to get a nice undercoat and then a couple of coats of Pyrol Red making sure you work the paint into all the furrows and low spots.
A wash of Carbon black was added.
When I work using washes on a small piece I add a small blob of fluid acrylic to my craft mat and spritz it with a water bottle to thin it down. If you apply the wash and its not thin enough just take your spritz bottle and give the piece a little spray, this will thin down any paint that is sitting heavy.

Heart after the first wash is dry.

Some dry brushing with the tinting base.
I normally use a stiff bristled brush for my dry brushing to get a nice crisp look but I wanted a more gentle look so used a normal 1 inch flat soft brush.
Use a tiny amount of paint and then wipe most of onto a kitchen towel or cloth and gently using just the tip of the brush flick over the raised area, its important most of the paint is off the brush and you work gently, there is nothing worse than getting to this stage and having to much paint on your brush or applying to much pressure and leaving a big mark of paint across your piece. It's much better to go over the piece several times building up the effect than trying to do it in one go.
At this point I decided my heart was not dark enough and was just too red.
I wanted to get a little more variation in my colour so I added a couple of sprays of the Yellow Media Mister and added another heavier black wash.

I didn't want my hi lights to just be white and as the hansa yellow is a transparent paint it needs a base of white underneath other wise it will not be visible/turn things orange.
The heart was finished with a couple of coats of sating varnish to give a nice wet look and make the colours pop.
Some hand made barb wire was added to the heart and then it was added to my Sacred Heart Shrine.

There is still a week left to enter the Decoart Media Blog Halloween Challenge and it would be awesome to see you joining in, all you need to do is use some Decoart Media Products in your work, just tell us what you are using in your blog post xx.


  1. Love the heart, fantastic texture and colours. Tracy x

  2. Love it. Looks fabulous. I and I feel sure many others would really appreciate the source for the wooden heart. What made ME want to look twice was the fact that it was a heart.

  3. The heart looks so yummy, with all its texture and colour !
    Corrie x