Wednesday 13 November 2013

Decoart Tutorial - grungy mirror.

Welcome back, It is of course great having you stop by.
Today I am sharing a tutorial for the Decoart International DT, this is a fairly new blog full of amazing mixed media artists creating tutorials using Decoart Products. 
Today I'm sharing this altered Ikea Mirror.

Here is what you will need.
An Ikea Mirror.
Some sheets of Chipboard/thick craft card.
An Embossing Folder
Decoarts Deco Page Glue
Decoart Triple Thick Gloss Glaze
Sanding Block.

I removed the mirror by gently heating along the Glue with my heat gun, this softened it enough that it just popped out, I then painted all the edges with Lamp Black americana paint. You dont have to do this but I wanted to make sure no wood would show through if one of the embossed edges was over the edge.

I cut my mount board to fit my Embossing folder, embossed them and using the Deco Page glue stuck them to the frame.Using a craft knife I cut around the frame. If like me you have gaps do not worry, you canuse a bit of Decoart Dimensional Effects.
Using a sanding block and at about a 45 degree angle gently sand all the edges so there are no over hanging bits.

Next paint the embossed card with Gesso, when that was dry I painted everything with more Lamp Back Americana paint.
The Traditions Hansa Yellow was applied and worked into all the low points, this is a translucent paint so you get some nice natural shaded patches and some nice depth. a second coat was added in places just to build up some more solid colour.

I let this dry for a while as I did not want the card to be at all damp when I started sanding, If it is a little damp and you are a bit heavy handed you can tear the top layer off the card.
I found it best to take it slow with this step, the idea is to remove most of the yellow from the raised areas exposing the black undercoat and in places the gesso underneath that.

I wiped everything down with a soft cloth to remove any of the dust from the sanding. To add a more aged and grungy look I used some Quinacridone Gold randomly with a brush and straight away wiped it away/in with my finger, this gives a rusty look.

Finally I gave the top a coat of Tripple Thick Gloss Glaze, with the triple thick its best not to over work it, just move it around enough for your coverage and let it do its thing, It self levels all on its own and gives a really hi gloss thick finish.
The edge of the frame was touched up with lamp black and given a coat of the Traditions Satin Glaze.
Thank you for stopping by. It really means a lot reading your comments and having you follow my blog. Thank you all. 

This ATC has been given the same treatment But Painted with a wash of Traditions Napthol Red Hue. 

And here is a tag made in exactly the same way as the mirror, I have used A mixed Media Board from Tando-Creative.


  1. Oh my gosh this is totaly fantastic absolutely love it totaly rocks!
    thank you indeed for sharing the step by step so much appreciated!
    xoxo SanDee1899

  2. Fantastic ! would look great in my house !!!!
    Corrie x

  3. this mirror Mark, the texture and colours are simple superb, great step by step too...Mel:)xx

  4. Fabulous Mark. Think I need to get some of that yellow!

  5. Brilliant tute Mark! Looks great! x

  6. Awesome design and make, Mark! Love your mirror. Hm...could do one as a X-mas present for a friend...yay! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Claudia x

  7. I love, love, love this mirror Mark - a great tutorial.
    xxx Hazel.

  8. So, so cool... fabulous tutorial and a brilliant makeover for that mirror! Great to catch up in person... and looking forward to a bit of blog catching-up too.
    Alison x

  9. Brilliant tutorial and love the finished effects, like the green but love that red!

  10. Love it, especially all the distressed parts!

  11. love what you have done

  12. Totally ROCKS! I've done something similar with metal, but not chipboard...thanks so much for the tut! I like the look much better using chipboard. Love the colors. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Amazing! Love the look and the colors!!