Tuesday 5 November 2013

De Stempelwinkel - Calendar Note Book

Morning all and thank you so much for stopping by. I would like to say hi to my new followers and a big thanks for deciding to follow me x
It's my turn again to post over at De Stempelwinkel.
I have a book that I made in a class at my local craft shop. I have used Tim Holtz Papers. To see inside I would love for you to stop by the De Stempelwinkel Blog. xx
Hope you are all keeping well xx


  1. I am loving this! It looks so neat and tidy inside, too! Did you just use #10 envelopes, or what size on the inside pockets? Wish I could tag along to your awesome craft classes! And meet that Andy Skinner! I think we might share an adoration for Jim Morrison.

  2. I havevnonidea on the size glo, they were the width of a piece of a4 and about a third deep if that makes sense? It was a class run by Kathy Byrne. I should have put that in the write up xx

  3. Fantastic book Mark, would love to have done this class will have a look and see if they are rerunning it.....

    1. Hi nikkib they are running the whole course again next year as a monthly club. Not sure there will be individual classes.

  4. Hi Mark,
    It been while since I been blogging or even to see what you all have been doing. I saw your new project of this book. Have to say awesome job. Keep it up and do really great projects.