Wednesday 29 April 2015

Industrial Grunge Step By Step.

Morning all, I am sharing an older post here that was shared when I was asked to be a guest designer that was a bit of a step by step.
The whole piece was not shared here before so I thought I would dust it of and put it up.
All the products used are from the Decoart Media Line.
My wall hanging is an assemblage of smaller pieces gathered together.
I started with a small pre Gessoed Canvas and after a base coat of white I built up and blended my colours using Decoarts Media Fluids, Translucent yellow oxide, Quinacridone burnt orange and Quinacridone gold before edging the canvas with black archival ink.

The middle and bottom sections have both been cut from foam board. The middle section has been made from two layered sections of board. The base was painted With Raw Umber and then a coat of Decoarts Crackle paint (this comes white but is easily coloured with the fluid acrylics)
once dry I added some washes of black and quinacridone gold to give an aged and tarnished look.
The top board was given a base coat of white and then a coat of Green Gold this is a really bright almost citrus green/yellow colour, it was looking a little to bright so some more washes of black and quin gold were added to grub it up.
If you are not sure what I mean by a wash, its when you really water down the paint. The fluid acrylics are pretty much pure pigment so the colour stays true even when thinned down. I add a small amount of paint to my craft mat and then start adding water with my brush till I get the results I am after. If you apply the wash and its to strong in colour, just spritz the piece with water to dilute and get the finish you are happy with. The chipped edges have just been painted on by hand using Raw Umber.
The decals are from 7 Gypsies and are rub ons.

The main focal piece comes from a kids Airfix model and has been given a tarnished brass finish that I 
picked up on Andy Skinners Timeworn Techniques online class.

The Bottom section was coated with Decoarts Modelling paste and was applied patchy and randomly, I wanted the surface to have some texture.Once dry the edges were coated with their texture paste.
Again a base of white was added and then a slightly watered down coat of colbalt blue. A few colour washes were added to pick out the low spots. Finally the edeges and rust runs were added by painting Quin gold and just scrubbing it into the textured sections

The red box was also from the model kit and painted to look like an old metal unit.

The top section has been made from a mixed media board from Tando-creative these are laser cut boards made from grey board.
I used a diamond plate embossing folder, coated the board with texture paste once dry a coat of white paint and then a coat of Panes Grey media fluid acrylic.

paint over with some quin gold and let dry, this starts to bring out a really nice rusty look, If you want to go a little further you can add a wash of Red Iron Oxide and just let it dry naturally.

The finishing touches were added, Tim's tap head has been painted with the Patina antiquing cream, left to dry and then just rubbed back to reveal the metal.

Some rust wire was added from the industrial box to the machine.

A few other embellishments were added, a couple more Tim pieces and a light bulb from one of my dads old cars (don't worry, he had accumulated lots of car bits while he was still around)

Thanks as always for stopping by xx


  1. WOW Mark, love your assemblage piece very much, some great old parts and i love how you have incorporated them all. Thank you for the tips on how to rust and more :-) x

  2. Oooohhh this is awesome! Love it to bits, so glad you posted it!~kim

  3. Love the combination of different textures and finishes, and the way you kept the vintage decay feeling whilst using bright colours.

  4. A fabulous piece Mark, great textures, fabulous colours and a wonderful design! Anne x

  5. Looooooooooooove the mechanical look! Very cool ♥

  6. Love, love, love how you replicate aged surfaces and combine these vibrant colours. Amazing as ever. Jenny x

  7. So glad you posted as I have only recently got to know your creativity. Can't get enough. What's so cool (must find a new word) is you have achieved the old, tarnished, rusty look but manage some pops of colour too. I have a box full of old stuff (no idea what half of it is, lol). Hoping to do a mixed media piece one day just using them. Your style is inspiring! Ty

    1. Thankyou Caroline. Very kind of you to say. I'd love to see what you create x

  8. this is fab, not sure how I missed it x

  9. I adore this! So much to look at. xx

  10. I loved this when I first saw it, and still do. The combination of textures and colours creates interest and makes for a very tactile looking piece. I'm loving the Timeworn techniques, gradually working through each tutorial with great success!

  11. Just each element of this would be so fun to make by itself...together, it's fantastic!