Sunday 30 September 2012

'Child's Shoe' Blog Award

 Ok so this was a little out of the blue, I got a lovely comment from the very tallented  Julia yesterday at saying she has nominated me for a blog award.
 Its for new blogs and seems to be a pay it forward sort of thing. Ill detail it in a minute. For some reason I can find nothing about it online, must be some sort of masonic crafting order ;)
Now I had no idea things like this existed so It was such a fantastic surprise and something that means a lot.

The idea behind it seems to be, you are nominated by someone, you then If you want to, should select 5 blogs that inspire you etc and contact them letting them know about the Child's Shoe award and then they should do the same thing etc, etc. It is a way of socially networking I guess and getting your blog name out there for new people to see.There are some criteria that need to be met, see below.
If that makes sense you are doing better than me.

1. The blog should be in its infancy ie. below 200 followers.
2. The recipient should post about the award on their blog.
3. Include a link to the nominator in your post.
4. Forward the award to another 5 bloggers and tell them about the nomination.
5. Insert these rules into your post.

After a lot of thought I have chosen 5 of the blogs that were probably 5 of the first blogs I came to when I started out earlier this year. They are blogs that I constantly go to to see what wonders they have created and am constantly inspired and amazed by their works.Sadly I could only choose 5 Blogs, there were so many I wanted to include.

Here are my 5 in no particular order.


If you don't know who these guys are go check out their Blogs,also go and check out the very talented Julia as well. I am sure you will be inspired

It's all a little weird but hey, weird can be good ;)    time for me to let my 5 know, hope they don't mind x

thanks for reading, sorry for no crafty things, but to make up there will be 2 posts tomorrow  (oh yay I hear you scream)    ;) x


  1. Hi Mark, you are so very thoughtful to think of me - I feel very humbled. I have your email address and will write to you separately. Kind regards, Anne :)

  2. Mark, thank you so much. I'm honoured and touched by your shout out for my blog - a lovely surprise... And I am thinking "oh yay" to some more craftiness from you... not screaming, I have to admit - there are neighbours to consider!
    Alison x

  3. Congratulations, Mark!

    The award is truly earned I think!
    And very well chosen candidates for the award!!!

    Greetings from Vienna,
    die amelie x
    (PS: the pocket-ATC with little red riding hood is now meant for trade btw.... ;)

  4. ...oh well done on your award Mark, much deserved and your followers are gaining speed too, great to see and thank you so much for thinking of me too...Melxx :)